3 Viewing Tips, 3个小提示

1. After you finish reading a post, you can go back to the homepage by clicking on the big ‘YY’ on the top of the page. 当您读完一篇文章后,您可以点击页面上最高的’YY’标志回到主页。

2. There are photos at the bottom of most posts. You can view them by slideshow. Alternatively, you can view them one by one by clicking on the individual photos itself. 我们大部分的文章也载有其他照片,您可以以slideshow形式观看,也可以点击个别照片单独放大观看。

3. If you want to keep updated of the latest post, you can subscribe this blog via email. You subscribe by inputting your email address on the field below, and provide confirmation in your inbox. If you do so, you will receive an email once we publish a new post. 您可以订阅这博客,您只需要在以下位置输入您的电邮地址并在您的邮箱确认,当我们上载新的照片,您就会收到电邮通知, 让您立即观看最新的照片。

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